Goal net is blown into Örgryte IS P17 coach
(Image: Gothenburg Post)

VIDEO: Spare goal is blown into coach during youth game in Sweden

Örgryte IS P17's Nicholas Wallin-Nastaj is caught in net in Gothenburg's high winds.


A goal blew into an Örgryte IS under-17 coach during a game against Trelleborg that was played in high winds.

Öis managed a late home win over Trelleborg in the P17 Allsvenskan at ÖIS Gården school in Gothenburg on Sunday.


At one point in the match, a spare goal net was blown from the sidelines and onto the pitch, catching Nicholas Wallin-Nastaj within it.

A colleague had to come and help him push it away from the dugouts while the assistant referee carries on just in front of them.


Armin Samandi, who is also a coach but missed the game, told Gothenburg Post:

[Wallin-Nastaj] mentioned that he has scored a goal during the match, but we did not think that was funny.

It wasn’t until the day after that we went through the match together that we had recorded and he says right away that we should fast-forward to there when that happens.

We broke into laughter for several minutes. It was the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.

There are over three million people who have only seen it on their account, so I guess it is almost 4 million in total who have seen it already. It is quite reasonable to say.

French TV and Norwegian TV have contacted us. The clip has been shared in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy… and now it has started to spread in East Asia as well.

When it started to split, I knew it was going to be big but it was going to be this big, I didn’t think so. After 433 laid it down yesterday, the cell phone was constantly ringing for over an hour.