GELP's Jan Hurtado carries a dog off the pitch during a match at Unión de Santa Fe
(Image: SAF Superliga Argentina de Fútbol)

VIDEO: Gimnasia player carries dog off pitch in Superliga Argentina game

Canine invader petted by players from both sides.


Gimnasia forward Jan Hurtado carried a dog off the pitch during their 1-0 defeat to Unión de Santa Fe at the Estadio 15 de Abril on Sunday.

The canine pitch invader, who is said to have answered to the name Roberto, entered the fray during the game’s dying moments for a good roll around on the grass.

Despite interfering at a crucial stage of the match, he is petted affectionately by players from both sides before Hurtado lifts him away from the action.

The 18-year-old Venezuelan receives a warm round of applause for escorting Roberto off the pitch, as you can see in this video of the incident: