Gaz Metan and Argeș Pitești both make 1st minute subs in Romanian Liga I match
(Image: Twitter/Emanuel Roşu)

VIDEO: Gaz Metan and Argeș Pitești both make substitutions in the first minute of Romanian Liga I match

Misunderstanding over under-21 rule.


Romanian football is killing world records. Have you ever seen 2 substitutions in the 1st minute in a game? I bet not! Happened in the Gaz Metan vs FC Arges match. History was written! Beat this! pic.twitter.com/ll458exmvE

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) August 29, 2020

Gaz Metan and Argeș Pitești both made first-minute substitutions when they played each other in the Romanian Liga I in Medias on Friday.

The home side won 2-0 at the Stadionul Gaz Metan, with goals apiece for Ondřej Bačo and Nicolao Dumitru.

no, just some coaches speculating a rule that is not perfect.

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) August 29, 2020

But arguably the incident of the match occurred within the opening minute when both teams made a sub following a mix-up relating to a rule about under-21 players.

Nasser Chamed replaced 16-year-old Rareş Dogaru for Gaz Metan, while Argeș Pitești brought on Georgian Honciu on for 17-year-old Andre Jose Cozma.