Galatasaray fan smashes chair, gets scolded by wife
Image: Twitter/royzgang

VIDEO: Galatasaray fan smashes chair after 94th minute derby miss, gets scolded by wife

Family goes berserk in living room as Tolga Ciğerci spurns golden opportunity v Fenerbahçe.


Watch as a Galatasaray fan smashes a chair in frustration at Tolga Ciğerci’s 94th minute miss against Fenerbahçe, then gets scolded by his wife.

The Istanbul derby – known also as the Intercontinental Derby – finished goalless but was almost settled at the death by midfielder Ciğerci, who spurned his golden opportunity.

This caused emotions to bubble over in one household of Galatasaray fans, who proceed to collectively go berserk in their own living room.

One of them – a man who is clearly old enough to know better – is amusingly scolded by his wife for repeatedly smashing a chair.