Freestyler RyuTricks ties string to his nipples to remove a sheet from under a balancing ball
(Image: Instagram/ryutricks)

VIDEO: Freestyler removes sheet from balancing ball with his nipples

Instagram star ties string to himself.


Instagram freestyler RyuTricks used his nipples to remove a sheet from underneath a ball balancing on the underside of his accomplice’s foot.

Using “One More Time” by French electronic artists Daft Punk as a soundtrack, he ties string to his nipples while his partner keeps the ball up with a headstand.


Having tied the other end of the strings to the sheet, he jerks backwards and manages to complete the trick without the ball falling to the ground.

He then looks triumphantly to camera while a celebratory fanfare completes the clip, which has had over 65 thousand views at the time of writing.