Freestyler Jordan Meunier makes it look like his girlfriend is doing tricks while lying on her front
(Image: Twitter/jordanthefreestyler)

VIDEO: Freestyler helps girlfriend to pretend she’s doing tricks

Optical illusion of sorts.


Freestyler Jordan Meunier lay behind his girlfriend juggling a ball to make it look like she was performing tricks while lying down on her front.

The four-times French freestyle champion and 2016 world runner-up has 58.5 thousand followers on Instagram, where he posted this clip.


Getting creative at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he makes it appear as if his partner is casually doing no-look kick-ups while flat on the ground.

This is soundtracked by Lucian Piane’s “Legs”, which was made famous by the television show RuPaul’s Drag Race 8.

In another clip, she perches on his shoulders while he is covered by a long dress.