Héctor Bellerín at the Canadian Grand Prix
(Image: Twitter/@GrimandiTweets)

VIDEO: Formula One reporter distracted by “hipster” Héctor Bellerín at Canadian GP

Arsenal defender tries to shuffle sheepishly out of shot.



Sky’s Formula One pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz got distracted mid-broadcast by “hipsters” at the Canadian Grand Prix, focusing on Arsenal’s Héctor Bellerín.

Evidently not recognising the Gunners defender, Kravitz fills some air time describing his “cool” appearance.

As Bellerín tries to shuffle sheepishly away from camera, Kravitz says:

Hipsters around here, with shaved hair and shorts and cool sort of rose-coloured glasses.

He looks quite cool, that guy in the singlet, doesn’t he?

Right, sorry, I got distracted by the hipsters.