VIDEO: Fan hugs Ronaldo, explains himself

See a video explanation from the fan who invaded the pitch during a pre-season friendly between Real Madrid and Chelsea in order to hug Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fan hugs Ronaldo during Real Madrid v Chelsea friendly
Ronaldo… Hugged (Image: YouTube/HDgoals13)

See the fan hugs Ronaldo video after a one-man pitch invasion during the pre-season friendly clash between Real Madrid and Chelsea. Then watch Ronald Gjoka’s explanation.

First, the Cristiano Ronaldo hugging incident:

You’ve seen the video, now watch self-styled super fan Ronnie’s explanation:

Gjoka is now on Twitter too:

@FOXSoccer I saw myself on your top 10 moments last night at #2 i couldn't believe it thank you for that :)

— Ronnie (@CR7_SuperFan) August 10, 2013

@Cristiano Thank you again for hugging me back Cristiano as long as I live i will never forget that moment in my life pic.twitter.com/T3GkuIKr3x

— Ronnie (@CR7_SuperFan) August 10, 2013

For anyone wondering why i did what i did that night here is the answer – https://t.co/IL6fJExJOf

— Ronnie (@CR7_SuperFan) August 10, 2013

@RobStoneONFOX I can see how it was frightening but you need to understand it from my view Rob i had to be quick so i wouldnt be taken down.

— Ronnie (@CR7_SuperFan) August 11, 2013

@Miami_MLS Miami is full of fans who follow the sport passionately i think i proved that to the world wednesday night pic.twitter.com/bNFwLfKlBy

— Ronnie (@CR7_SuperFan) August 11, 2013