Man Utd fan falls off net on top of goal when shot is taken
(Image: Twitter/Kyle Caldarelli)

VIDEO: Fan falls off net at Manchester United during protest when another kicks a ball into the goal

Reverberations hasten dismount.



A Man Utd fan sitting on top of one of the goals on the pitch at Old Trafford fell off when someone else kicked a ball into the empty net.

The supporter who took the fall appeared to be in the process of dismounting when the reverberations from the shot hastened his return to the turf.

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— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) May 2, 2021

Caught on camera, the moment arose during protests at the Glazers’ running of the club, with the Red Devils’ involvement in European Super League plans the latest cause for ire.

The demonstrations led to the postponement of Sunday’s Premier League fixture at home to Liverpool.