FA Cup first round draw hosts Hitchin Town seem disappointed to be drawn against Solihull Moors
(Image: Twitter/For The EFL Of It)

VIDEO: FA Cup first round draw hosts Hitchin react with disappointment when drawn against Solihull Moors

Cheers turn to groans as tie is announced.

It’s the hope that hurts…. #FACupDraw pic.twitter.com/dTpyDL3uUe

— For The EFL Of It (@EFLOfIt) October 22, 2018

The FA Cup first round draw took place at Hitchin Town’s Top Field on Monday evening, in a makeshift studio packed with club players and staff awaiting their fate.

Although still yet to play Leatherhead in a fourth round of qualifying replay, the group eagerly awaited the announcement of the away team after cheers when they were drawn at home.

Hopes of getting a big team in the first round proper were soon dashed however and the audible groans seemed to indicate disappointment at the possibility of a visit from National League side Solihull Moors.