Heracles Almelo manager Frank Wormuth, who was asked if the German word for 'underdog' is 'unterhund'
(Image: Twitter/FOX Sports)

VIDEO: Dutch reporter asks Heracles Almelo manager if German word for ‘underdog’ is ‘unterhund’

Spoiler alert: it isn't.



Fox Sports Eredivisie presenter Hans Kraay Jr. asked Heracles Almelo manager Frank Wormuth if the German word for ‘underdog’ is ‘unterhund’.

Dutch top-flight side Heracles were about to take on Utrecht in the semi-finals of the league’s Europa League playoffs.

'How doe joe say underdog in the German? Unterhund?'

Hans Kraay 18-5-19

— Yorick Lauret (@y0rick03) May 18, 2019

Although they only finished the season one place below Utrecht in the table, the gap between the two teams was five points.

Factor in Heracles’s run of three straight defeats going into the game at their Polman Stadion home and you can see why they might be considered underdogs.


Seeking a translation from German boss Wormuth, Kraay Jr. asked if the correct word is ‘unterhund’ – a literally translated compound of ‘unter’ (under) and ‘hund’ (dog).

Wormuth explained that it’s fine to use the English word ‘underdog’ and the conversation was able to continue from there.

Heracles lost 0-2 on the day and went down 3-0 in the second leg, with Utrecht facing a trip to Vitesse in the final having managed a 1-1 draw at home.