Dancing Coventry fans at Barnet in matching scarfs and hats for televised League Two 0-0 draw
(Image: Twitter/@AwayDayBible)

VIDEO: Dancing Coventry fans at Barnet for televised League Two match

Both wearing hats and lengthy scarfs.

Iggy Pop and Elton John having it large at Barnet V Coventry pic.twitter.com/hIsyHZ5vW1

— Away Day Bible (@AwayDayBible) October 8, 2017

A couple of dancing Coventry fans at Barnet for a 0-0 draw between the two sides were seen on the television coverage of the League Two clash on Saturday.

A pair of travelling supporters made the most of their team’s time in the spotlight with live coverage of the game at The Hive Stadium as the higher divisions took a break in order for international fixtures to take place.

Wearing matching lengthy Coventry scarfs and hats, the gentlemen flail about for the cameras.