A father videoing his son playing in goal was prevented by a van
(Image: Twitter/Josh Whelan)

VIDEO: Dad’s video of goalkeeper son obscured by van at crucial moment

Comedically timed interruption.

Me dad recording our Ben in goal today, wait til the end pic.twitter.com/wtSGkLCZiD

— ❕ (@joshwhelan97) October 28, 2018

A father’s video of his son playing as a goalkeeper for his team was interrupted at the key moment by a van stopping in front of the camera.

The recording successfully manages to track the build-up to an opposition free-kick, with Ben, the man’s son, standing in his goal wearing the number 35 shirt.

Then, just as the free-kick is being taken, a red van suddenly parks up to block the line of sight and spoil what should have been the climax of the recording.