Twitter user Benny Lee Hardie nutmegged his baby
(Image: Twitter/Benny Lee Hardie)

VIDEO: Dad nutmegs his baby at home during lockdown

Captions clip "proper done him".

He’ll learn the hard way #StayCleverKeepThemTogether @SoccerAM pic.twitter.com/vi6wiwxwJt

— Benny Lee Hardie (@BenLeeHardie) April 18, 2020

Twitter user Benny Lee Hardie filmed himself nutmegging his baby boy, captioning the resulting video “proper done him” and “so embarrassed he fell over”.

Many people have been sharing clips of their footballing exploits at home while social distancing measures remain in place amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


This father managed to capture himself on camera popping a mini football through his young son’s legs after the tot had walked up to him in the living room.

The dad exclaims “nuts” before executing the skill then cheers with delight as the boy staggers into the corner of the room and falls to the ground.