Csepel ball boy throws ball away from a Soroksár player during Hungarian Cup game
(Image: YouTube/Soroksár SC)

VIDEO: Csepel ball boy throws ball away from visiting player in Hungarian Cup game

Intimates he's ready to hand it to Soroksár forward Márk Orosz during 0-3 defeat for home side.

A frustrated ball boy at Hungarian side Csepel rolled the ball away from a Soroksár player as he came to collect it for a throw in.

Nemzeti Bajnokság III side Csepel were beaten 0-3 by visitors Soroksár, who play in the tier above, at Béke téri Stadion in Budapest on Sunday.

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— Mor Deak バンベルクの騎士 (@MorDeak) September 20, 2020

As 30-year-old Soroksár forward Márk Orosz approached, the youngster, who was clearly not happy with how the game was progressing, gently threw the ball away from him.

A close up of the ball boy saw him shaking his head as he walked away from the incident in the Magyar Kupa first round clash.