Juventus' Sami Khedira is hit in the face by a ball from Cristiano Ronaldo during a win at Sassuolo
(Image: Twitter/Adam Cotterill)

VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo kicks ball in Juventus teammate Sami Khedira’s face

Knocked him over in 0-3 win at Sassuolo.



Cristiano Ronaldo whacked the ball directly into his Juventus colleague Sami Khedira’s face, knocking him to the floor during a 0-3 win at Sassuolo on Sunday.

Both players scored in the Serie A clash at the Mapei Stadium but one attacking move came to an abrupt end when Ronaldo inexplicably fired a pass towards his teammate’s head.


The German international midfielder immediately collapsed onto the grass after being hit by quite some force in the 61st minute.

What could have been a shot aimed in the wrong direction bounced off Khedira and out of play behind the goal from outside the penalty area.


A smiling Ronaldo walked over to him as he lay on his back holding his face.

Friends again after the game, Khedira tweeted “thanks for the headache”.