Fans roll across pitch for Club Tijuana's Neymar challenge
(Image: Francisco Velasco)

VIDEO: Club Tijuana’s “Neymar Challenge” sees fans roll across pitch

Mexican side mock Brazil star's antics.


Today’s halftime entertainment: “The Neymar Challenge”. #Xolos #LigaMXeng pic.twitter.com/YuJcglOJF7

— Francisco Velasco (@FranciscoEfV) July 8, 2018

Mexican side Club Tijuana held a “Neymar Challenge” where fans had to roll from the halfway line over to one end of the pitch.

The half-time entertainment was mocking the Brazil star’s antics at the World Cup in Russia, especially during a 2-0 win over Mexico.

On a number of occasions he has gone down clutching his head after an opponent had made contact with a different part of his body.

His rolling and screaming has been widely lampooned, not least by Club Tijuana here.