A groundsman with a leaf blower clears away the confetti that delayed kick-off in Corinthians vs Santos
(Image: Twitter/globoesportecom)

VIDEO: Clearing of confetti delays kick-off at Corinthians

Game against Santos starts 11 minutes late after leaf blowers are brought on.

Olha a operação feita no gramado de Itaquera contra o papel picado, O clássico entre Corinthians e Santos começou com 11 minutos de atraso https://t.co/UeLMiPl3ZK pic.twitter.com/ZBXWqfebSw

— ge (@globoesportecom) March 10, 2019

Kick-off was delayed at Corinthians while the groundsmen struggled to clear up all the tiny pieces of chopped paper thrown onto the pitch by the home fans.

The Brazilian side’s clash with fellow paulistas Santos at Arena Corinthians in the Campeonato Paulista started 11 minutes late on Sunday.


Before the start of the game a mass of confetti landed on the grass in front of the main stand, covering the similarly-coloured lines.

Stadium staff had to be brought on with leaf blowers to aid those already sweeping up brooms in an effort to speed up the cleaning process before the match could go ahead.