Christian Fuchs and Jamie Vardy egg each other
EGG-OFF: Fuchs v Vardy (Image: Facebook/Christian Fuchs)

VIDEO: Christian Fuchs & Jamie Vardy egg each others’ heads

Leicester duo play "Russian egg roulette" for Easter special of No Fuchs Given TV.

Russian Egg Roulette

Russian egg roulette Easter special…. #nofuchsgiven

Posted by Christian Fuchs on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Watch Leicester City stars Christian Fuchs and Jamie Vardy egg each others’ heads in a special Easter episode of No Fuchs Given.

The German defender managed to rope his team-mate into a game of “Russian egg roulette” as part of his brilliantly titled Facebook video channel, and the egg-smashing results are as messy as you might expect.

Any competitive element the game might have is somewhat overshadowed by the mirth of watching Fuchs and Vardy egg each other with such gleeful abandon.

Presumably this was recorded in advance of Vardy’s stunning back-heeled equaliser during England’s 3-2 friendly win in Germany, as there is no mention of it.

Join them next week as they celebrate a goal by making an omelette.

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