Chris Wondolowski air shot for San Jose Earthquakes at New England
WHIFF: Wondolowski (Image: Twitter/Ben Baer)

VIDEO: Chris Wondolowski air shot as San Jose Earthquakes visit New England

Somehow winds up spinning around before clattering to the turf.

Oh Wondo. #NEvSJ pic.twitter.com/0adx6H8Y9Z

— Ben Baer (@BenBaer89) April 20, 2017

Don’t miss this spectacular Chris Wondolowski air shot and tumble while playing for San Jose Earthquakes in their 0-0 draw at New England.

Veteran striker Wondolowski has been one of the MLS’s most consistent goal-scorers for almost a decade, racking up 118 goals in 232 appearances for San Jose.

He has also plundered eleven goals in 35 games for the US national team, although neutrals might best remember him for his missed sitter in the World Cup 2014 defeat to Belgium.

The good news for him is that that high-profile miss is no longer his most eye-catching gaffe – watch the above clip for the new champion in that regard.

Trying to connect with a low, bobbling cross, Wondolowski swings a boot and somehow winds up spinning around before clattering to the turf.

It’s described by the commentator as a “rare whiff” from the player – it’s safe to assume that ‘whiff’ is American for ‘air shot’.