Sean O'Hanlon's songs recreate famous goals from football history
(Image: Twitter/Sean O'Hanlon)

VIDEO: Children recreate historical goals in the garden during lockdown

Sons of former MK Dons and Swindon defender Sean O'Hanlon.



— Sean O'Hanlon (@sohanlon23) April 4, 2020

In this clip, the sons of former MK Dons, Swindon and Hibernian defender Sean O’Hanlon recreate famous goals from history in their garden.

Wearing the outfield and goalkeeper kits of Everton, where O’Hanlon started as a youth team player, they reenact the moments with impressive attention to detail.

Thanks everyone for sharing and liking the video, the boys are delighted! I’m working on another video which will be posted soon on https://t.co/BjLTncwEn9 please click and subscribe if you get a chance.

— Sean O'Hanlon (@sohanlon23) April 5, 2020

With notable celebrations included, the goals include Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ against England, David Beckham’s free kick against Greece and Robin van Persie’s flying header against Spain.

Musical accompaniment to the video come in the form of “The Life of Riley”, a 1992 hit for The Lightning Seeds which used to soundtrack Match of the Day‘s Goal of the Month segment.

At the time of writing, the video has accumulated over five million views on Twitter.