Child trips other boy during dribbling training drill
(Image: Twitter/@FootyMemes)

VIDEO: Child trips other boy during dribbling training drill

Brutal kick from youngster with coach looking the other way.

Love to see such sportsmanship from a young age. pic.twitter.com/kDbYLSFASb

— Footy Memes (@FootyMemes) February 28, 2017

Watch this outrageous video of a child tripping another boy during a practice session in which the participants were supposed to be dribbling solo.

The youngsters, organised into an evenly spaced row, are seen heading towards the camera, each with a ball at their feet as they endeavour to improve their skills.

While a relatively disinterested coach half watches their progress, one of the children, out of nowhere, runs over to the boy beside him and trips the poor lad up with a pretty brutal kick.

The short clip has been widely shared and is being touted as a disappointing example of sportsmanship at such a young age.