The cheeseburger launched into space that landed on Colchester United's training ground
(Image: Twitter/Colchester United FC)

VIDEO: Cheeseburger from space lands on Colchester United’s training ground

Flying object identified.


So yes, this is the burger on its way up… #ColU pic.twitter.com/EqrUk3OoBX

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

A cheeseburger launched into space by YouTuber Tom Stanniland landed on Colchester United’s training ground, as relayed in a series of tweets from the club.

The fast food snack was found attached to a GoPro camera by the League Two side’s groundskeeper at their Florence Park facility.

Sometimes in the media team, we really have to work our grey matter to come up with good content.

At other times, stories just fall into your lap. And, on this occasion, it quite literally did.#ColU pic.twitter.com/K8FjlTg4Jh

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

Stanniland, whose YouTube username is Killem, called the club to explain once he’d located the burger on a tracker he fitted to it.

The Sheffield-based 29-year-old said:

I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon.

It’s gone about 24 miles up, weather balloon popped, it’s come back down, over 100 miles, and it’s landed right here.

We lost connection with it when it got so high.

It’s crash-landed here but in the morning the groundskeeper found the box, turned it upside down, the tracker got connection again, we’ve found it and just followed it.

He also clarified that the burger’s ascent was so that he could taste it afterwards to see how space travel affected the dining experience.

“That’s not nice,” was his summary after sampling it, complaining that it was “drying my mouth out”.

When the club secretary phones the media department, it's normally something interesting – transfer news, contracts being signed, that sort of thing.

But this time? There was a burger that had been found at the training ground.#ColU pic.twitter.com/lOXsSQbFZZ

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

The aforementioned burger was attached to a polystyrene box, with a Go Pro camera inside.

Which, in fairness, isn't the usual occurrence at Florence Park.#ColU pic.twitter.com/phwyXbwAQH

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

But there was no card inside, so we didn't really know what to do. Honestly, what DO you do with a frozen burger?

Then the phone rang!#ColU pic.twitter.com/unxI7Uo7AO

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

The chap on the phone explained that the box, burger and Go Pro camera was his, he was from Sheffield, and he'd sent the burger into space.

As you do.

And he was coming to get it back!#ColU pic.twitter.com/oU3ojZDoXF

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

Now Sheffield to the training ground is three hours or so, but as time passed by, we were wondering whether our mystery guest was going to turn up.#ColU pic.twitter.com/SpNn1qNeOh

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

Then, at just before 4pm, our burger launcher arrived through the gates at Florence Park!#ColU pic.twitter.com/j8s55c30Sv

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019

Tom explained how he ended up in north Essex on a Wednesday afternoon in March.#ColU pic.twitter.com/sou8YwC47z

— Colchester United FC (@ColU_Official) March 28, 2019