VIDEO: Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths knees opponent in the nads

Hoops forward strikes stomach-churning blow to Malmö defender's goolies.

Leigh Griffiths knees opponent in the balls
KNEE: Griffiths (Image: Vine/Fredrik Danell)

Watch in horror as Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths knees Malmö defender Anton Tinnerholm right in the goolies during last night’s Champions League qualifier second leg match in Sweden.

While Everton defender John Stones attracted headlines for handing in a transfer request in order to facilitate his move to Chelsea, it was stones of a different nature that came to the fore as Celtic crashed out of the competition with a timid 2-0 defeat.

Hoops boss Ronny Delia slammed his side for being both “scared and frightened”, the Norwegian apparently unaware that these two adjectives amount to much the same thing.

But they won’t have been half as scared and/or frightened as Malmö’s Tinnerholm must have been when he saw the raised knee of a Scotsman hurtling towards his nether regions.

Now squirm in your chair and grimace as Leigh Griffiths knees an opponent square in the balls…