Cardiff mascot hands water bottle back to Sean Morrison
(Image: Twitter/Amy O'Connor)

VIDEO: Cardiff mascot picks up water bottle thrown by player in tunnel

Well-brought-up child assists captain Sean Morrison.


‘You dropped your bottle’ pic.twitter.com/SdEgXhRIpi

— ⭐ amy o'connor ⭐ (@amyohconnor) January 1, 2019

A mascot was spotted handing a bottle back to Cardiff City’s Sean Morrison after he’d thrown it on the floor in the tunnel prior to a game against Spurs on Monday.

The Welsh side were defeated 3-0 in the the New Year’s Day clash at the Cardiff City Stadium and the cameras were already rolling ahead of the teams coming out onto the pitch.

As the players prepared to emerge for kick-off, the Cardiff City captain could be seen throwing his water bottle down before reaching for the hand of the mascot beside him.

"Thats not a waste bin Sir, pls pick it up" – Kid

— Phkid KRISontheBEAT (@iamKristil) January 1, 2019

Perhaps thinking Morrison had accidentally dropped his drink and now wanted it back, the youngster sweetly bent down to get it before handing it back to the player.

Others suggest it may have been the innocence of a child not wanting to leave litter.

Morrison takes the bottle back from him, places it on the ground more gently this time and takes the mascot by the hand.