Cardiff supporter pulls a funny face at Spurs fans during a Premier League match at Wembley
(Image: Twitter/The Real Casuals)

VIDEO: Cardiff City fan pulls funny faces at Spurs supporters

Seated next to the away fans.


I give you Cardiff fans! They must feel so proud!! pic.twitter.com/L2cpwxs5kS

— WhiteHartLady (@AmandaSeager) October 6, 2018

This Cardiff City fan pulled funny faces at Tottenham Hotspur supporters during his side’s 1-0 defeat at Wembley on Saturday.

Filmed by someone in the home end, the man pulls at his mouth and makes screeching noises to taunt his rival fans.

Eric Dier’s early goal for Spurs left Cardiff bottom of the Premier League table with only two points from their first eight games.