Camp Nou disaster scene in Catalan film Second Origin
(Image: YouTube/Héctor García)

VIDEO: Camp Nou disaster scene in Second Origin movie

A major calamity has befallen the Earth and Barcelona's stadium has not been spared.


See the home of Barcelona in ruins.

This clip demonstrates how the makers of upcoming Catalan film Second Origin created a Camp Nou disaster scene, showing how the iconic stadium might look should a major calamity befall the Earth.

Wikipedia describes the plot of the new movie, set to be released in cinemas on Friday, for us:

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Alba teaches English to Dídac, a 10-year-old-boy who loves football and tractors. One day as Alba is returning home on her motorbike, she sees three boys throwing Dídac into the lake. Without a moment’s hesitation, Alba dives in to save him.

When they come up to the surface, everything around them has been reduced to ruins. They realise that they are the only two survivors. Together they must start from scratch to rebuild their lives and those of the whole of humanity.