A cameraman knocks the hovering match ball off it's perch at Sevilla before their Europa League clash with Standard Liège
(Image: Twitter/El Día Después)

VIDEO: Cameraman knocks hovering match ball off perch at Sevilla

Couldn't resist poking the technology before Europa League clash with Standard Liège.

Flipando con el balón volador. #ElDíaDespués pic.twitter.com/YCAQBUYUZi

— El Día Después en Movistar+ (@ElDiaDespues) September 20, 2018

A cameraman knocked the match ball off its perch after it had been carefully placed there by a stadium official at Sevilla before their 5-1 win over Standard Liège in Europa League Group J on Thursday night.

It takes a few moments to ensure the hovering ball is ready to be picked up by the referee as he leads the players out of the tunnel.

Once in position, a nearby cameraman, with bare arms and sunglasses resting on his head, was seemingly astounded by the technology and couldn’t resist poking it.

The ball falls onto the ground at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium, to the assistant’s displeasure.