Cameraman follows wrong ball and misses goal in Greek match
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VIDEO: Cameraman follows wrong ball and misses goal in Greek 2nd division match

Doesn't notice that throw-in was taken with a different ball.

Watch as the cameraman follows the wrong ball and misses a goal during a Greek 2nd division match.

The ball is deflected out of play for a throw-in, which is taken quickly using a different ball – and the attacking side proceed to score, taking an early lead.

However, the cameraman in question misses this crucial piece of action completely, keeping his focus trained on the ball that initially went out of play.

He swings his camera round to the other end of the pitch upon hearing the commotion of a goal being scored, but by then the attacking team are already wheeling away in celebration.

Presumably he was expecting play to continue with the first ball, in which case you have to wonder if we can chalk his gaffe up to inexperience.

Whether or not the goal should have been allowed to stand, what with two balls on the pitch, is a different matter…