Fans watch behind-closed-doors match between Brisbane Roar and Newcastle Jets
(Image: Reddit)

VIDEO: Brisbane Roar fan interviewed from behind gate while watching behind-closed-doors game

Sneaks in through 'hole' in stadium.

Playing behind closed doors couldn’t stop this Brisbane fan from showing his support from soccer

A Brisbane Roar fan was interviewed from behind a gate at the team’s Robina Stadium during last Friday’s behind-closed-doors match against Newcastle Jets.

Claiming to be a friend of one of the pundits – indeed, this is then verified by the relevant voice off camera – the man speaks alongside a fellow Brisbane fan and a Newcastle supporter.

Looking disconcertingly somewhat short of the recommended two-metre distance, he tells the interviewer:

We knew about this little hole in the stadium here, so we thought, why not come down and see how it goes?

The police tried to move us on – they thought we were trying to break in and enter – but we had a talk and they let us stay here, which is great.

His side won the match 1-0 thanks to Scott McDonald’s 16th minute goal.