Two players felled by the same simulated headbutt during a Brasileirão Série B clash
(Image: Twitter/Goleada Info)

VIDEO: Both players felled by simulated headbutt in Brazil

Quarrelling duo each try to get the other sent off by feigning injury.

Rossi (Goiás) e Marcelo Cordeiro (Vila Nova) protagonizaram esse lance há pouco. Sem comentários…pic.twitter.com/IoH7sFTQ5N

— Goleada Info (@goleada_info) October 15, 2016

Watch both participants of an argument dramatically fall to the floor, feigning injury, after one moves as if to headbutt the other during a heated clash in Brasileirão Série B.

In the clip you can see Vila Nova defender Marcelo Cordeiro, 34, involved in a heated row with Goiás striker Rossi, 23.

As Rossi moves his head towards Cordeiro, both players collapse while clutching their own respective faces, as if in enormous pain.

Minimal contact is later shown to have been made between the twosome and the duo remarkably avoided yellows cards following the curious incident at the Estádio Serra Dourada on Saturday.