Bohemians Praha's Jakub Podaný allows supporter to kiss ball before throw
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VIDEO: Bohemians Praha player lets fan kiss ball before long throw

Gets a shoulder rub too.

Bohemians Praha player Jakub Podaný let a fan kiss the ball before taking a long throw during Saturday’s 2-1 win over Slovan Liberec in the Czech First League.

Two goals from Jan Vodháněl were enough to secure victory at the Ďolíček Stadium in Prague, with Oscar Dorley scoring for the visitors.

During first half stoppage time, with the score still goalless, Podaný was preparing to take a throw when presumably he got a request from a supporter in the stand behind.

He hands him the ball for a quick kiss and receives a shoulder massage from another man before taking the throw, which resulted in an offside goal from a corner.