The winner of the Ballon d'Or does not get a gold balloon

VIDEO: BBC News presenter asks if Ballon d’Or winner gets a golden balloon

Rebecca Jones reveals poor grasp of French.


BBC News presenter Rebecca Jones asked sports correspondent Holly Hamilton if the winner of the Ballon d’Or gets a golden balloon as a prize.

After Hamilton presents an item looking at some of the nominees, she notes that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have won it for the last ten years between them.

She asks “do you think anyone can steal their crown?”, to which Jones replies:

Well, who knows? I have to ask you this question: if you win, do you actually win a golden balloon?

Hamilton laughs and explains that ‘ballon’ actually means ‘ball’ rather than ‘balloon’, with Jones then attempting to blame her ‘schoolgirl’ grasp of French.

She accidentally says ‘schoolboy’, compounding the issue with what is quite literally a schoolboy error.