Ballet de Lorraine played disco football at the Pompidou Centre in Paris
(Image: Vimeo/CCN Ballet de Lorraine)

VIDEO: Ballet de Lorraine ‘play’ disco football at the Pompidou Centre

Golden shorts on pitch in Paris.


Watch Ballet de Lorraine prance about on a football pitch in front of the the famous Pompidou Centre in Paris as part of their long-term Discofoot project.

The disco-dancing French performance group say:

Get your funk on! Get down and bogie! Bust a groove! Shake your tail feather! Cut a rug! Get your freak on!

Discofoot is an ass kickin, DJ spinin, maybe even twerkin free-styling battle, where football’s rules are twisted and thrashed by dance.

Let the choreography of the ball take you on a ride that passes the unknown and spectacular possibilities of this dead serious performance of a football match…

You will never look at a pair of golden shorts and a “discofied” football the same again!

Discofoot va te botter le cul!