VIDEO: Ayr fan ejected at Falkirk watches game from tree overlooking the ground

"Ayr's top of the tree."

An Ayr fan ejected from Falkirk Stadium watches the game after climbing a tree
(Image: Twitter/Ryan Capperauld)

Hahaha Ayr fan chucked out of the Falkirk stadium finds alternative means to watch the game @Oldfirmfacts1 pic.twitter.com/lCMkYXyTKy

— Ryan Capperauld (@ryancapperauld) November 3, 2018

An Ayr United supporter, reportedly ejected from their Scottish Championship game at Falkirk, was soon seen watching the match from the top of a tree overlooking the pitch.

The fan is said to have been thrown out of the 8,000-seater Falkirk Stadium in Westfield on Saturday, although it is as yet unclear why.


Surrounding the ground are several big trees, from which a view of the action is unobscured by stands.

The ejected man was next spotted climbing on one of the branches as the visiting supporters sang, “Ayr’s top of the tree”.