Assistant referee flags during Mossley vs Dromara Village despite a man blocking his view
(Image: Facebook/Tommy Phillips)

VIDEO: Assistant referee flags in amateur game despite not being able to see ball

View obscured by another person on the touchline.


An assistant referee raised his flag despite being clearly unsighted by a man standing in front of him during Mossley v Dromara Village.

With the score still at 0-0, the Dromara Village right-back cuts out a Mossley attack and passes to his side’s number 9, who scoops it up the line.

The Mossley left-back nods it towards the touchline, at which moment the linesman flags for either an offside or to signal that the ball has gone out of play.


If he’s flagging for an offside then he does so several seconds too late – and if he’s flagging for a throw-in, it’s quite clearly the wrong call.

Either way, it looks from the camera’s angle as if he couldn’t have seen the passage of play from his vantage point behind someone else.

In the match itself, Dromara Village emerged as 3-2 victors in the Northern Amateur Football League fixture at Mossley Recreation Grounds.