Actor Jason Sudeikis tries to guess the names of British football mascots
(Image: Twitter/FootballJOE)

VIDEO: American actor Jason Sudeikis reviews British club mascots

Some interesting guesses.


"He looks like a stretched-out Bart Simpson!”

We showed US comedy star Jason Sudeikis some of the weirdest British football mascots, including @Gunnersaurus and @ThistleMascot, and got him to rank them. pic.twitter.com/qnnHRRRxjU

— FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) August 12, 2020

Hollywood star Jason Sudeikis tries to guess the identities of British football mascots in this new video from Joe.

Promoting his new comedy series Ted Lasso, the former Saturday Night Live writer met with the online content creators to run the rule over a succession of characters.

It's not the mascot, that is just to do with the sponsor.

— Walnuts (@PaoloWalnuts) August 12, 2020

Highlights include his mistaking Man City duo Moonchester and Moonbeam for Liam and Noel Gallagher, and his invocation of Sweeney Todd in relation to Crusty, the Wigan pie.

He also compares Man Utd’s Fred the Red to a chipmunk, West Ham’s Hammerhead to a roll of toilet paper and guesses Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus’s name as ‘Arsey’.