América-MG U17 own goal straight from kick-off in 0-6 defeat to Cruzeiro
(Image: Twitter/Cruzeiro)

VIDEO: América-MG U17 score own goal straight from kick-off without Cruzeiro touching ball

Quickfire 4th conceded after going 0-3 down.


América-MG scored an own goal straight from kick-off without their opponents Cruzeiro touching the ball during a Brazilian U17 match on Sunday.

Having just gone 0-3 down at the SESC Venda Nova, they got the game restarted with a succession of back-passes until it reached their goalkeeper.


Unfortunately, his wild swing at the ball – which may have been slightly overhit, to be fair to him – sent it ricocheting into the back of the net.

Despite having themselves played no part in the goal, Cruzeiro’s players celebrated as if they had. They went on to win 6-0.