Arsenal's Alexandre Lacazette is left hanging after Granit Xhaka's goal in a 2-1 win at Newcastle
(Image: Twitter/Otto Myrberg)

VIDEO: Alexandre Lacazette left hanging by Arsenal teammates after goal at Newcastle

No high-five following Granit Xhaka's strike.



Alexandre Lacazette was left hanging by his Arsenal teammates after Granit Xhaka’s opening goal in the 2-1 win at Newcastle at St James’s Park.

At least that’s how it appears – the French striker grins and raises his hand, as if awaiting a high five from the Swiss midfielder.

On reflection, perhaps he was dragging out the ‘slap the goal-scorer on the back of the head’ routine he demonstrated on Shkodran Mustafi in the 3-2 win at Cardiff.

Indeed, that’s what he ends up doing to Xhaka here.