VIDEO: 36 red cards in Paraguayan junior match between Teniente Farina and Libertad

A mass brawl in a Paraguayan junior match between Teniente Farina and Libertad which led to 36 red cards
More brawling… (Image: Reuters/The Telegraph)

A junior league match in Paraguay between Teniente Farina and Libertad took a turn for the worse when referee Nestor Guillen sent off two players in the last few minutes of the match.

The players refused to leave the field of play though and remained on the pitch fighting each other.

A mass brawl ensued and Guillen, with his fellow officials, took the opportunity to flee. They headed straight down the tunnel and went back to their dressing room.

In their post-match report it is claimed that all 36 players were sent off.

The management of both teams seemed to suggest the referee should have shown more responsibility though. Libertad president Sixto Nunez was critical of the match officials:

The referee needed to take better care of the boys. He should have made sure that the two dismissed players were completely off the field.

Instead, the officials left the field and when the players were all leaving together that’s when the fighting started again.

Watch the footage below: