Komi Ryota takes a ten-second run-up to his penalty in the 99th All-Japan High School Championship
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VIDEO: 10-second-long stuttering run-up to penalty in All-Japan High School Championship

Bizarre technique.


Komi Ryota spent ten seconds taking a stuttering run-up to his penalty kick in the 99th All-Japan High School Championship.

In a match of little importance, hence affording the opportunity for a spot of showboating, he stood well back from the ball before approaching it in bizarre fashion.

If you thought Simone Zaza's penalty run-up was excessive, then you need to see Komi Ryota taking the mick at the All-Japan High School Championship. Imagine if he missed… pic.twitter.com/uB6cUiBcxm

— Jack Kenmare (@jackkenmare_) January 1, 2021

Leaning forwards while slowly moving towards the ball, propelled by his feet drumming quickly and alternately into the turf, it made for an amusing spectacle.

After a patient wait, the opposition goalkeeper guessed the right way but Ryota tucked his shot cleanly into the corner then wheeled away grinning.