TWEETS: Fan interrupts Christening to cheer Vardy goal against Sunderland

Baby thought to be furious.

A Leicester City fan interrupted a Christening to cheer Jamie Vardy's goal against Sunderland
INTERRUPTED: Baby’s baptism

One woman has described how her boyfriend, a Leicester City fan, interrupted a Christening service to celebrate as Jamie Vardy scored the first goal in their 0-2 win against Sunderland on Sunday.

The supporter is said to have been keeping track of the action via a radio he smuggled into the venue, having been unable to watch the game due to his required attendance at the event.

He was also apparently unable to control himself as Vardy opened the scoring at the Stadium of Light – “jumping up and shouting” in the middle of the ceremony.

Twitter user Alice White describes what happened in her tweets below:

Well done to my boyfriend for jumping up and shouting "FUCKING YES!" when Leicester scored, while we're in the middle of a christening

— Alice White (@alicewhitey) April 10, 2016

That was classic You've Been Framed secret radio at a wedding shit

— Alice White (@alicewhitey) April 10, 2016

@ohjawbone it's such betting shop content

— Alice White (@alicewhitey) April 10, 2016