An American is set to "route for Manchester" at Euro 2016 after setting off on a backpacking tour
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SCREENSHOT: American will “route for Manchester” at Euro 2016

But only if his friend meets up with him in France during the tournament.

My American mate will be “routing for Manchester” at the Euros. from reddevils

A Reddit user has revealed a number of text messages sent to him by his American friend, who promised to “route for Manchester” at Euro 2016 if the pair were to meet up in France during the upcoming tournament.

The Manchester United fan exposed details of his conversation with Derrick from the United States on /r/reddevils and it went a little something like this:

DERRICK: Dude you should meet me in France for the Euros
FRIEND: Dude I wish I had your life haha!
FRIEND: You’re going to be there for the whole tournament?
DERRICK: Dude you can!!!
DERRICK: I’m backpacking Europe for like 26 days
DERRICK: So most of it
DERRICK: Come on dude! I’ll even route for Manchester


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