Robert Earnshaw tweeted about alien technology
(Image: Beckie)

Former Wales striker Robert Earnshaw muses about alien technology on Twitter

Fresno assistant coach on extraterrestrials.


Since we sent robots to Mars before sending humans,isn’t it possible that the first extraterrestrials that we encounter on earth could not be the aliens themselves, but might be their technology instead?

— Robert Earnshaw (@RobertEarnshaw) September 4, 2018

In between tweeting about football and his new role in coaching, former Wales international Robert Earnshaw found time to give his thoughts on extraterrestrial life.

Currently assistant coach at United Soccer League side Fresno FC in California, the 37-year-old debated whether we might encounter alien technology before the beings themselves.

Didn't have you down as a stoner robbie

— Mark Gibson (@GibboMin) September 4, 2018

“UFO Hunting with Robert Earnshaw” pic.twitter.com/epgdE5J0Rw

— adam (@MrArsecabbage) September 4, 2018

Earnshaw spent time at numerous English clubs, including two spells at Cardiff City, where he started his career.

His feed on the social network continuously reveals the workings of a curious mind:

Why do we only Rest In Peace?
Why don’t we LIVE in peace too!

— Robert Earnshaw (@RobertEarnshaw) August 25, 2018

Would you rather have a 1 minute conversation with your past self or your future self?

— Robert Earnshaw (@RobertEarnshaw) August 25, 2018