Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir received a fake gift from Barcelona in the form of a signed Lionel Messi shirt

Reddit user tells alleged tale of the Sudanese President and a fake gift from Barcelona

Humorous narrative of how President of Sudan was said to be duped by a signed Lionel Messi shirt.

Let this poetic Reddit user inform you of the situation the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, allegedly found himself in after receiving a signed Barcelona shirt he was supposedly told had come from Lionel Messi himself.

The humorous account is an enthralling read and not overly favourable to the country’s leadership which came to power in 1989 following a military coup that ousted the then democratically elected government.

This is the story of the duped 72-year-old Sudanese President and a lady who presented him with a signed Lionel Messi shirt:

The story of how my country’s president was tricked by some random woman with a Messi T-shirt from soccer

A couple of appropriate comments:

And videos of what look like earlier news reports of the shirt presentation, uploaded by the Sudan Channel, are below: