Paraguayan side Club 2 de Mayo have made a dog their assistant coach

PHOTOS: Paraguayan side make dog assistant manager

Lives at the stadium, follows training and can be seen alongside the manager or in the stands on matchday.

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Con humildad, trabajo y sacrificio vamos a lograr el objetivo. #VamosGallo #JuntosPodemos pic.twitter.com/MNwW4O6mBb

— CS2M (@Club2deMayo) September 2, 2018

Paraguayan División Intermedia side Club Sportivo 2 de Mayo have made a dog an assistant coach.

Tesãpara reportedly lives at the 25,000-seater Monumental Río Parapití in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, under the care of stadium caretaker Hugo Lezcano.


She follows training sessions and can be seen alongside the manager or in the stands on matchday.

Diario Olé quote head coach Carlos Jara Saguier as saying:

I invited her for a piece of pie and from that day on, every time I arrive at work, she greets me and no longer runs away.


The dog, whose eyes change colour according to the weather, is said to have been adopted by the players and named as the assistant manager in a recent game.

A blogger grabbed a word with Jara Saguier before his post-match press conference:

Professor, what a good companion you had on the bench today…

The reply came:

Yes, she is my assistant, she doesn’t leave our company for a minute, even in the locker room she comes in with us.

She has blue eyes which usually change to brown.

Tesapara ya esta en la cancha del @club2demayo pic.twitter.com/c30XwsshUx

— Joel Samaniego (@joel_samaniego) September 2, 2018