PHOTO: Liverpool fan paints face “like a zebra” after Newcastle beat Man City

Had tweeted promised to, if Rafael Benítez's side secured famous win.

A Liverpool fan had zebra face paint after promising to on Twitter, if Man City lost to Newcastle
(Image: Suzanne Schroeter)


Liverpool fan Shaun promised to get his face painted like a zebra if Manchester City lost at Newcastle, in a tweet that was widely shared ahead of Man City’s 2-1 defeat in Newcastle on Tuesday night.

The shock result on Tyneside left Liverpool four points clear of their rivals and clear favourites in the Premier League title race.


Confident that Pep Guardiola’s were not going to slip up in their pursuit of his team, one supporter boldly promised to “paint my face like a zebra” the next day if, somehow, the home side came away with three points.

As we know now, Newcastle, managed by former Liverpool man Rafael Benítez, did manage to secure a stunning victory.


The result left Shaun needing to fulfil his promise or delete the tweet.

He chose to go through with his plan and here is the result, as revealed on Wednesday: