PHOTO: Lee Dixon adopts an owl, denied by former Arsenal defender

Lee Dixon has denied claims that he adopted an owl and named it "Hooty McOwlface" after a photo indicating these facts emerged.

Lee Dixon adopts an owl, Hooty McOwlface
Hooty McOwlface… Adopted by Dixon (Image: Twitter/LifeofSamJones)

As the Lee Dixon adopts an owl story gathered pace yesterday, the former Arsenal defender was forced to deny claims that he had adopted the animal and named it “Hooty McOwlface”.

A photo has emerged that appears to show an enclosure at some kind of zoo. There is a sign placed on the fencing that explains what’s inside, Southern Boobook owls apparently.

Above and below the sign there are 2 further notices that display details of the residents.

One reads:

“MAXIMILIAN” Adopted by:-

… while the other says:

“HOOTY McOWLFACE” Adopted by:-

Soon the internet was awash with rumours that the ITV pundit had adopted the owl and given it a ridiculous name.

The former England international has claimed that it’s a case of mistaken identity though.

After a Twitter user asked the former England international’s son Joshua Dixon, “is this actually your Dad?” Dixon, concerned about his reputation in this area, strenuously denied the allegations via his Twitter account and declared that “the owl is not mine”:

@Joshua_Dixon Is this actually your Dad? pic.twitter.com/VbLnyFNnGK

— Sam Jones (@LifeofSamJones) October 8, 2013

@Joshua_Dixon @LifeofSamJones Nope

— Lee Dixon (@LeeDixon2) October 8, 2013

The owl is not mine!!!!

— Lee Dixon (@LeeDixon2) October 10, 2013

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