A Leicester City fan peered out from a hole in a flag display that went over a stand before their match with Wolves

PHOTO: Lady peers out from hole in flag display at Leicester

Took advantage of the flimsy material.


Can’t miss the players entering the pitch pic.twitter.com/RLhs8ujGha

— Tom Meredith (@meredithlcfc) August 18, 2018

One season ticket holder at the King Power Stadium managed to find a little hole to look out from as a large flag passed over the heads of Leicester City supporters before kick-off against Wolves on Saturday.

While some fans like to make an exhibition of themselves, others just want to watch the game and this lady appears to have found a convenient space to do so.

Another supporter, with a seat located not too far away from the woman, clarified that she didn’t make the hole herself and merely “benefited from it”:


And that the whole thing is rather flimsy: