An England fan got a 'World Cup winners 2018' Harry Kane tattoo before they were knocked out in the semi-finals of Russia 2018

PHOTO: England fan’s ‘World Cup winners 2018’ Harry Kane tattoo

Tempted fate with ink job.


I have no words.. pic.twitter.com/Paf7NfhhX9

— An (See Pinned) (@AnfieldAn) July 11, 2018

An England fan tempted fate by getting a Harry Kane tattoo captioned with “World Cup winners 2018” before the 2-1 defeat to Croatia.

With “Sir Harry” scrawled over Kane’s head, father-of-two Teddy Allen from Biddulph in Staffordshire was not anticipating Gareth Southgate’s side losing the World Cup semi-final.

Allen, 30, said of the inking:

It’s the team England have this year – such a young team and they’re gelling together much better than any of the teams I’ve seen before. That’s why I think we’ll win. I’ve thought it from day one, but especially after our 6-1 win against Panama.

I had Harry Kane tattooed because he’s the main man, and the one that will do it for us.

He is my favourite player, even though I’m a Stoke City fan and I hate the goals he’s put in against us. But I’m prepared to put that behind me for the country. Even the haters and pessimists have got behind this World Cup.

But had a plan for defeat:

If we don’t win, I might have a tattoo of a red rubber stamp saying ‘void’ over the Harry Kane. Or I’m thinking of just going with it.

I know quite a few people have had similar tattoos for the World Cup and if we aren’t the winners, it’s just one of those things. I will be disappointed though as a fan.

Tattoo artist Bradley Fleming, who previously did a portrait of Whitney Houston on Teddy’s leg, added:

It all started as a joke. I thought that it would be funny, if we beat Sweden, to have ‘World Cup champions’ – even if we do not win the World Cup.

But I do believe that we will win and that football is coming home. If it’s Belgium against England in the final we can definitely win.

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